Halloween Thrills and Chills


Bring forth the raisins and the nuts!
Tonight All-Hallows’ Spectre struts
Along the moonlit way.

~John Kendrick Bangs

Here’s wishing you a leaf-snapping, treat-smacking, fireside-crackling Halloween!

Nancy Pelosi Lets the Bats Out of the Belfry

bats in belfryA beaming Nancy Pelosi let the bats out of the belfry as she unveiled the HOUSE health care bill this morning. Claiming it will cost $900 billion over the next ten years (as if that’s some kind of bargain and Americans should be happy-dancing in the streets) we’ll see what the Congressional Budget Office has to say after the numbers are crunched. Including a government option and a requirement that all employers must provide health insurance, this batty bill is very similar to health care plans being developed by Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) who is working his own voodoo on combining bills passed by two committees.

READ Pelosi’s 1,990 page House Health Care bill here. Good luck! Hope you aren’t mummified before you finish.

From FOX News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled a retooled health care overhaul plan Thursday intended to bridge differences among Democrats and open a history-making floor debate on extending health insurance to nearly all Americans.

Speaking on the West Front of the Capitol surrounded by Democratic lawmakers, Pelosi, D-Calif., said the House’s version of a health care reform bill will include a government-run insurance option and extend coverage to 36 million uninsured Americans. She said the bill will lower patient costs and reduce the national deficit.

“The Affordable Health Care Act will ensure, again, affordability for the middle class, security for our seniors, and responsibility to our children,” Pelosi said, adding that the legislation puts a major emphasis on preventative care.

Pelosi wants to have the legislation on the floor next week — with a final vote before Veterans Day, Nov. 11 — which would give President Obama a bill to sign by year’s end, numerous Democratic officials said.

The bill would require nearly everyone by 2013 to sign up through their employer, a government program or a new kind of purchasing pool called an exchange. Tax credits would be available for most of those buying coverage through the exchange. They would have the option of picking a new government plan or private insurance.

During the transition years from 2010-2013, a temporary government program would help people turned down by private insurers because of medical problems, lawmakers said. After that, insurers no longer could refuse to provide coverage to the sick, nor could they charge more because of poor health of the insured.

The plan also calls for a significant expansion of Medicaid, the federal-state health program for low-income people. And it would impose a requirement on employers to offer insurance to their workers or face penalties.

A concession to Democratic moderates appears to have cleared a path for Pelosi to move forward. Democratic leaders agreed to the moderates’ demand that the new government insurance plan must negotiate payment levels with hospitals and doctors, instead of imposing its rates, as liberal lawmakers would have preferred.

“This has always been a matter of trying to pull together 218 votes,” said Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif

Read more here.

BellaWebSenate Democrats may modify this bill to avoid a filibuster, but what those modifications may be remain to be seen.

Romney Adds Final Muscle to VA Governor’s Race

8da82c36ef783050With the race for VA governor between Creigh Deeds (D) and Bob McDonnell (R) coming to a head next Tuesday, former Governor Mitt Romney caused a big stir when he whisked into Virginia yesterday. Swinging away at a full afternoon schedule, Romney added some final muscle to McDonnell’s campaign by appearing at a Virginia Beach press conference and fundraiser. Also attending were Lieutenant Governor hopeful Bill Bolling and Attorney General nominee Ken Cuccinelli. A rally at Roanoke Airport and a final press conference at Richmond Airport finished the day with a strong one-two punch for McDonnell.

Awaiting the arrival of Gov Romney for the Virginia Beach press conference, local reporter Kay Young states: “The message he (McDonnell) and Romney are expected to give this afternoon… is that through business incentives he’ll be a ‘jobs’ governor.”

Speaking in Virginia Beach, Romney told reporters, “Virginia matters. Virginia makes a difference to the whole country. The people of Virginia need to have a leadership team that knows how to create jobs. And, that starts with a conviction that the right way to create jobs and to attract new growth and employers to a state is by keeping taxes down, by keeping spending in control, having fiscal responsbility, by improving schools, and by investing in technology and innovation, infrastructure, highways, and energy.”

The two candidates in this race know each other well. Four years ago, out of two million votes cast, McDonnell beat Deeds by just 323 votes for the office of state Attorney General! An interesting side note is that in the last 30 years,whichever party has won the White House has gone on to lose Virginia’s governorship. As of yesterday, polls show McDonnell at 54% and Creigh Deeds (D) at 42%.

Although any election is never done until the last vote is counted, it looks like Creigh Deeds is on the ropes.

Email from Governor Romney

I received the following email this morning from Governor Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC:

I have been to Israel twice — most recently in 2007. I came away encouraged by what I saw. If we lived in a neighborhood like Israel’s, with suicide bombers crossing into our country to kill children in school buses, I’m not sure we could tolerate it. That people actually immigrate to Israel, rather than fleeing from the violence of the Middle East, is a testament to their courage, faith and character. But there is a clear and present danger, above all other threats in the region, and that’s Iran.

Iran represents the biggest threat to Israel and peace. Here’s how I describe Iran in a column I wrote last week for Human Events:

“The Iranian regime is unalloyed evil, run by people who are at once ruthless and fanatical. We should stop thinking that a charm offensive will talk the Iranians out of their pursuit of nuclear weapons. It will not. And agreements, unenforceable and unverifiable, will have no greater impact here than they did in North Korea. Once an outstretched hand is met with a clenched fist, it becomes a symbol of weakness and impotence. President Eisenhower said it well: ‘The care of freedom is not long entrusted to the weak and timid.'”

Please help us spread the message about Iran, its reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and what that means for Israel with your most generous contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or even the maximum $5,000, today.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Mitt Romney

P.S. We’ve recently launched a new SMS text messaging program, and as one of our most dedicated supporters, I hope you’ll sign up today to receive exclusive, real-time updates by texting “Go” to GOMITT (466488).

Please donate to Free and Strong America PAC to help Governor Mitt Romney continue his excellent work!

Boil, Bubble, Toil and Trouble… Oct. 31st Bewitching Hour for ACORN

Thought all the rot oozing from ACORN would be enough to permanently spook Congress from ever giving them another tax-payer dime? Uh… trick or treat! On October 31, ACORN ghouls get treated to government REfunding while we, the taxpayers, get tricked.

Representative Michele Bachmann (R – Minnesota) speaks with radio KTLK’s Chris Baker on ACORN refunding October 31, 2009:

Homeland Security conjured up $1 million for ACORN during the month of October – for fire prevention. I didn’t know ACORN offices were overgrown with dry brush and filled with gasoline-soaked rags.

For years, ACORN has been funding home loans for illegal aliens and our government has been complicit in ensuring those loans are approved. John Fund (Wall Street Journal) speaks with Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy, Sept 21, 2009, on the additional rat tails boiling in ACORN’s cauldron: 

John Fund:

“Illegal aliens don’t have social security numbers so Acorn provides taxpayer identification numbers to illegal aliens to obtain no-interest loans, no-down payment loans, and all kinds of subsidies.”

“We’ve not learned the mistakes that caused Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to collapse… We are perpetuating these same problems. We are still propping up home mortgages for people who have defaulted. ..The founder of ACORN has a theory; it’s maximum eligible participation in all the government programs. What social radicals want is to change our system by first overloading it with too many clients, too many people getting government benefits. When the system collapses under the dead weight of all those subsidies and these recipients, then they think they can have dramatic social change – bring in a more egalitarian society.”

3f2b4d100538ba10So far, getting caught enabling pimps and prostitutes, instructing clients how to prevent paying taxes, providing sweet-treat home loan deals to illegal aliens, embezzling funds, and rigging elections isn’t enough to break ACORN’s spell over Congress. This reveals how entrenched the mad Democrat scientists on Capitol Hill are. They know toil and trouble lie ahead in 2010, so preserving the Acorn Frankensteins are the reason they continue to huddle in the lab.

Unless we stay awake and keep wailing, the ghosts and goblins of ACORN will haunt us long into the future. For the sake of fair elections, honest mortgage lending purposes, preventing abuse of tax-payer monies, and before our Republic lands six feet under in the graveyard of ‘Death by Corruption,’ please contact your Reps, Senators, and the White House. Urge them to drive a stake through the heart of STOP FUNDING ACORN.

Contact government officials here.

Afghanistan-Dithering Obama to Emanuel and Axelrod – “Sic ‘em!” Cheney Muzzles

dog-muzzle-art-muzzle-designed-american-pride-muzzleUnable to tolerate growing criticism of his Afghanistan war tail-chasing, Obama snapped the leash off attack dogs Emanuel and Axelrod this weekend to sic the Bush Administration. Appearing on weekend television news programs, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod snarled that Obama has had to craft a war strategy from scratch, is just at the starting point, and that President Bush left office without a strategy for Afghanistan.

Weary of the growling, former Vice President Dick Cheney donned a proverbial dog-catcher suit as he addressed the Center for Security Policy audience in Washington D.C. last night. Here’s how he used TRUTH to muzzle Obama’s criticisms.

“…Among my other concerns about the drift of events under the present administration, I consider the abandonment of missile defense in Eastern Europe to be a strategic blunder and a breach of good faith… Only last year, the Russian Army moved into Georgia, under the orders of a man who regards the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. Anybody who has spent much time in that part of the world knows what Vladimir Putin is up to. And those who try placating him, by conceding ground and accommodating his wishes, will get nothing in return but more trouble.”

“Recently, President Obama’s advisors have decided that it’s easier to blame the Bush Administration than support our troops. This weekend they leveled a charge that cannot go unanswered. The President’s chief of staff claimed that the Bush Administration hadn’t asked any tough questions about Afghanistan, and he complained that the Obama Administration had to start from scratch to put together a strategy.

In the fall of 2008, fully aware of the need to meet new challenges being posed by the Taliban, we dug into every aspect of Afghanistan policy, assembling a team that traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan, reviewing options and recommendations, and briefing President-elect Obama’s team. They asked us not to announce our findings publicly, and we agreed, giving them the benefit of our work and the benefit of the doubt. The new strategy they embraced in March, with a focus on counterinsurgency and an increase in the numbers of troops, bears a striking resemblance to the strategy we passed to them. They made a decision – a good one, I think – and sent a commander into the field to implement it.

Now they seem to be pulling back and blaming others for their failure to implement the strategy they embraced.”

“Last January 20th, our successors in office were given the highest honors that the voters of this country can give any two citizens. Along with that, George W. Bush and I handed the new president and vice president both a record of success in the war on terror, and the policies to continue that record and ultimately prevail. We had been the decision makers, but those seven years, four months, and nine days without another 9/11 or worse, were a combined achievement: a credit to all who serve in the defense of America, including some of the finest people I’ve ever met.

What the present administration does with those policies is their call to make, and will become a measure of their own record. But I will tell you straight that I am not encouraged when intelligence officers who acted in the service of this country find themselves hounded with a zeal that should be reserved for America’s enemies. And it certainly is not a good sign when the Justice Department is set on a political mission to discredit, disbar, or otherwise persecute the very people who helped protect our nation in the years after 9/11.

We cannot hope to win a war by talking down our country and those who do its hardest work – the men and women of our military and intelligence services. They are, after all, the true keepers of the flame.”



While Obama engages in political yipping and nipping, let’s hope America’s quest for victory over Taliban terrorists and stability for Afghanistan doesn’t go to the dogs.


Note – In reference to a speech Dick Cheney gave to the American Enterprise Institute on May 21, 2009 Mitt Romney said:  “Vice President Cheney has been the target of every media, from mainstream to comic. But he spoke today as before without regard to the politics but with abiding respect for the truth. Barack Obama is still hanging on to the campaign trail. He said that the last thing he thinks about when he goes to sleep at night is keeping America safe. That’s a big difference with Vice President Cheney—when it came to protecting Americans, he never went to sleep.”

Full transcript of Dick Cheney’s Center for Security speech here.
Additional Resource: Keep America Safe – Founders: Elizabeth L. Cheney, Debra Burlingame, William Kristol

Armchair Adviser

I am not an adviser to Mitt Romney. However, if I were, (if you are reading this Mr. Romney, I’d be happy to fill any vacancies you may have) this is what I’d be telling the Governor, assuming that today’s issues are still relevant in the 2012 campaign:

mittromneyBarack Obama’s approval ratings are trending steadily downward. People across the nation are frustrated with the stagnant economy, dithering in Afghanistan, an unclear foreign policy (just what exactly is the president trying to achieve?), unprecedented and irresponsible government spending, and an ongoing apology tour de farce. They are worried about how health care reform, cap and trade, and any more “stimulus” bills will effect their daily lives – their jobs, taxes, energy costs, grocery bills, and so forth. In other words, there is a fair amount of civil unrest throughout the nation. In fact, I think the only bipartisan sentiment we are witnessing in America today is a collective cry to “slow down!”

For the first time in his life, our current president will have to run for re-election. And for the first time in his career he will have to defend his leadership record. Suffice it to say, he is not off to a great start. How then can a challenger in 2012 capitalize on the political climate of today?

Mitt Romney has a unique talent to “see around corners”. I wonder if our current leadership, Republican and Democrat alike, truly understand the symbiotic relationship between our economy, and our national security. Current trends, remarks, and actions suggest they are at best, ignorant, and at worst, malicious. Governor Romney is best known for his economic skills. That reputation is warranted, however, one aspect of those skills that is largely overlooked is his ability to take a dire situation, and turn it around into something profitable and successful. He knows that the strength of our military, the power of our negotiators, and the authority of our president is all contingent on the power of our economy. If it is weak, then everything else follows. What is alarming is that our enemies seem to understand this principle better than our president, secretary of state, and representatives on Capitol Hill.

Mitt Romney knows these things. He has built a career on building success through economic prosperity.

Right now the American people want to hear once again how great the United States is. They want to know that through our ingenuity, our courage, and our entrepreneurial spirit, that any challenges that we face can be, not only overcome, but turned to our advantage. That through the unfettered spirit of the individual, all things are possible. It was not increased government spending, or bloated entitlement programs that lifted us out of the Great Depression. It was not health care reform or climate change legislation that sent an American to the moon. It was not bailouts, handouts, and a White House led culture war that defeated Communism, some 20 years ago.

It was Americans. You. And I. Our grandparents, and parents.

Mitt Romney could quickly become the candidate (and president) of an American Renaissance. A period of recovery, peace, and prosperity led by the peoples confidence once again in the individual pursuit of happiness.

mitt-romney-mormonHowever those same Americans do not want explanations. They want results. If the current political climate persists into the 2012 election season then no doubt one of the albatrosses that will be hung around Governor Romney’s neck (by his fellow Republican challengers) will be so called “Romneycare”. I do not think it is in his best interest as a candidate to try and explain away the nuances of the Massachusetts health care system. Nor is it beneficial to claim that it has not been implemented as designed. And while that may be true, that same spirit of independence that defines the American people demands accountability. And so, I think Mitt Romney ought to own Romneycare, and admit that it has fallen short of expectations. Admit it was a mistake, whose lesson was learned the hard way, but luckily on a small scale. It would give Mr. Romney a chance to admit failure, but also to offer new solutions. It would lead to an excellent opportunity to denounce government controlled health care and to point out that the private sector is best suited to fix our economic problems. And ultimately, health care is an economic problem.

The success of our nation will come down to the resolve and faith of the American people. Having a president that is constantly blaming others, complaining about messes he “inherited” and telling those who question or disagree with him to “shut up and get out of the way” is draining the spirit and morale of the people. In less than a year we have grown tired of the rhetorical tongue lashings, the attacks on the private industry, and the inability to stand firm and make hard choices. We demand optimistic, experienced, leadership.

Which is exactly what Mitt Romney will deliver.

Help Romney Take the Lead in This Poll!

poll-gop-2012-hopefulsThis is not a MittRomneyCentral.com poll. It is actually initiated and posted at the Examiner.com in an article about a recent Rasmussen report showing Romney trailing 5% behind Huckabee in national polls.

In this poll Romney is in 3rd at this point, 261 votes behind the leader, Huckabee. Let’s vote Romney up!

Good luck. Be sure to use the Social Networking bar below to share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

~Nate Gunderson

Video: Romney Headlines GOP Fundraiser in Massachussetts

I don’t know how this event completely missed my radar.

Some of you may know that Romney sold his house in Massachusetts, though he remains a MA resident, currently staying at his son Tagg’s house. One interesting tidbit I learned from the video is that Romney currently has an offer on a condo, yes – a condo, in Belmont.

Also mentioned in the video is Scott Brown, who is the leading GOP contender to fill the U.S. Senate seat recently held by Kenndey before he passed away. To learn more about Scott Brown visit his Senate campaign website by clicking here.

~Nate G.