The MSNBC/Wall Street Journal poll released today has some interesting nuggets . . . and one key finding that his HUGELY positive for Mitt.

First, some background on the poll. It was a survey of 1,011 adults . . . not likely voters (which usually makes polls trend more liberal) and was conducted July 24-27.

Respondents Political Identification:

  • Independent 41%
  • Democrat 30%
  • Republican 22%

Political Views:

  • Conservative 37%
  • Moderate 35%
  • Liberal 23%

Would you like to see Mitt Romney as president some day, or not?

  • Would like to see 24%
  • Would not like to see 50%

Sounds Bad, right? I mean 50% don’t want to see him as POTUS . . . but look by comparison at Palin’s numbers:

Would you like to see Sarah Palin as president some day, or not?

  • Would like to see 21%
  • Would not like to see 67%

Mitt obviously has much less of a hill to climb right now that Palin.

But for the real important point, let’s start by looking at the approval ratings for political figures AND political parties:

Approval Ratings: Positive / Negative [Net]

  • Hillary Clinton: 53% / 31% [+22%]
  • Barack Obama: 55% / 34% [+21%]
  • Mitt Romney: 28% / 20% [+8%]
  • Democratic Party: 42% / 37% [+5%]
  • Sonia Sotomayor: 31% / 27% [+4%]
  • Joe Biden: 38% / 36% [+2%]
  • Sarah Palin: 32% / 43% [-11%]
  • Republican Party: 28% / 41% [-13%]
  • Nancy Pelosi: 25% / 44% [-19%]

Now let’s look at these numbers in a different way that may take some of the sampling bias out (like if they polled too many Dems/libs . . . which it seems like). By comparing each persons approval rating adusted for their political party. I’ll take their net approval/disapproval rating and subtract their parties net rating (Dem. at +5%, GOP at -13% . . . a whopping 18% gap when most generic 2010 congressional ballots are dead even . . . which is proof this poll oversampled Dems/libs). This was not in the poll, but was my own idea to break down the data.

Difference between politician’s net approval rating and the approval rating of their party:

  • Mitt +21%
  • Hillary +17%
  • Barack +16%
  • Palin +2%
  • Sotomayor -1%
  • Biden -3%
  • Pelosi -24%

In other words, Mitt’s net approval is a full 21% better than his party. This,, while even Pres Obama is only 16% better than his party, and Palin is only 2% better than her party. To have accomplished this, Mitt must be bringing in moderate Dems and indys to like him. That’s a good good sign for him as a general election candidate. He’s obviously got a lot of work to do to get all those “no opinion” folks to view him favorably, but Mitt’s showing an ability to transcend negative opinions of the GOP. Something we desperately need in our next cadidate.

*******And one extra little tidbit and point of good news . . . Mitt’ leads in yet another 2012 GOP poll (this one by Fox News):

Who would you like to see as the GOP 2012 Presidential Nominee?

Among Republicans (previous poll results, May 12-13, in parentheses):

  • Mitt Romney 22% (18%)
  • Mike Huckabee 21% (20%)
  • Sarah Palin 17% (13%)
  • Rudy Giuliani 13% (12%)
  • Newt Gingrich 9% (14%)
  • Bobby Jindal 3% (3%)
  • Jeb Bush 1% (3%)
  • Tim Pawlenty 1%
  • Too soon to say 10% (7%)

Among Independents:

  • Mitt Romney 22% (12%)
  • Rudy Giuliani 16% (19%)
  • Mike Huckabee 15% (16%)
  • Sarah Palin 13% (10%)
  • Newt Gingrich 3% (5%)
  • Bobby Jindal 3% (2%)
  • Jeb Bush 2% (2%)
  • Tim Pawlenty 2%
  • Too soon to say 8% (14%)

Among Republicans/Independents (Combined):

  • Mitt Romney 22.0%
  • Mike Huckabee 18.8%
  • Sarah Palin 15.5%
  • Rudy Giuliani 14.1%
  • Newt Gingrich 6.8%
  • Bobby Jindal 3.0%
  • Jeb Bush 1.4%
  • Tim Pawlenty 1.4%
  • Too soon to say 9.3%

And as an extra bonus . . . a funny clip from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show (love him or hate him, he IS funny) titled “What are you doing to help Mitt Romney?”

Romney Tops New 2012 GOP Primary Poll

Rasmussen has the first 2012 GOP primary poll post-Palin’s press conference . . . and it’s good news for Our Man Mitt!

(Chart courtesy of blog)


The crosstabs show some interesting points as well . . .

Regardless of who you would vote for, which candidate would you least like to see win the Republican nomination in 2012?
Sarah Palin 21%, Haley Barbour 21%, Newt Gingrich 15%, Tim Pawlenty 15%, Mike Huckabee 10%, Mitt Romney 9%

In the 2012 election, how likely is it that a Republican candidate will defeat Barack Obama?
Very likely 41%, Somewhat likely 34%, Not very likely 14%, Not at all likely 4%

Does Sarah Palin’s resignation help or hurt her chances of winning the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012?
Help 24%, Hurt 40%, No impact 28%
(Note the similarity of the 24% Palin get’s in the total vote and the 24% here who say her resignation doesn’t hurt her . . . her supporters are VERY loyal to her IMO)

Favorable / Unfavorable (Net):
Mike Huckabee 78% / 17% (+61%) , Sarah Palin 76% / 21% (+55%) , Mitt Romney 73% / 19% (+54%) , Newt Gingrich 65% / 29% (+36%) , Dick Cheney 59% / 34% (+25%) , Tim Pawlenty 38% / 33% (+5%) , Haley Barbour 34% / 37% (-3%)

Voters aged of 18-29:
Palin 34% Huckabee 31%, Romney 18%, Newt 3%, Pawlenty 3%, Barbour 0%

Voters 65 and older:
Romney 34%, Huckabee 19%, Palin 18%, Newt 16%, Pawlenty 2%, Barbour 0%

Romney 26%, Huckabee 25%, Palin 21%, Newt 14%, Pawlenty 1%, Barbour 1%

Not Married:
Palin 33%, Romney 23%, Huckabee 14%, Newt 13%, Barbour 2%, Pawlenty 1%

Evangelical Christians:
Huckabee 35%, Palin 21%, Romney 17%, Newt 15%, Pawlenty 2%, Barbour 1%

Rarely or Never attend church:
Palin 31%, Romney 28%, Huckabee 14%, Newt 13%, Barbour 2%, Pawlenty 0%

Attend church more than once a week:
Huckabee 41%, Palin 20%, Gingrich 13%, Romney 11%, Barbour 2%, Pawlenty 1%

Favorables/Unfavorables Among Evangelical Christians (Very favorable/unfavorable):
Huckabee 89/8 (56/4), Palin 84/15 (56/4), Gingrich 74/22 (40/8), Romney 67/25 (36/5), Cheney 68/26 (32/9), Pawlenty 43/32 (11/9), Barbour 36/37 (8/15)

Favorables/Unfavorables Among Likely Voters who Rarely or Never Attend Church(Very favorable/unfavorable):
Palin 75/24 (41/12), Romney 71/22 (39/10), Huckabee 71/24 (30/9), Newt 62/34 (40/16), Cheney 59/38 (32/21), Pawlenty 41/41 (10/16), Barbour 36/46 (10/22)


Romney’s sitting in a very good position. He’s in a statistical tie for the lead among GOP voters. However, Palin and Huckabee have done VERY poorly among independents/moderates/Democrats in other polling whereas Romney has been very strong in these groups (see recent Pew Research Poll).

This Rasmussen poll, once again, shows that Romney still has trouble with what could be called the more devout Evangelical Christians (those that go to church more than once a week, who apparently view Romney on par with Dick “Vader” Cheney while they think Huckabee walks on water). However, Romney is very strong among more mature and more educated voters . . . and this bodes well for actual GOP turnout (not to mention it being a good sign that older, wiser, and more educated people see that Romney is the best man for the job . . . hopefully that sentiment will flow into other age and educational groups over the coming months/years.



A Fond Farewell to Palin (but not Goodbye)

There are some folks (even among our bloggers here on that would dismiss Palin as a fop and a mistake. I am not among that crowd. The perceived foibles and challenges that Palin is blamed for are largely contrivances of the media and her enemies.

Anyone who watched the amazing speech she gave at the RNC convention last year dismisses her at their own peril. Steve Hayward at the Corner points out the dismissive attitude that many in the media took toward Ronald Reagan in the 1970’s, widely anticipated to exit into the sunset by most politicos. Hayward concludes: “Everyone should apply the appropriate discount to the Palin commentary and analysis they read today.”

There was one event which I think summarizes the challenges that Palin has faced in a nutshell. Last year, after the election, Palin was interviewed after the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey pardoning that many governors revel in. The cameraman and reporter seem to have colluded together to place a turkey being slaughtered as the backdrop of their interview with the Alaskan Governor. The optics of the scene are humurous to be sure but the intention of the media and those that blasted her insensitivity are equally humurous. In short, the criticism of this moment captured the purposeful collusion of the media, the homey naivite of the governor, and the general lapse in understanding that Palin’s star sometimes shine’s the brightest in her most unshiny moments.

Truth be told, criticizing Palin can give you quite the headache in some conservative circles. Certain bloggers on the list here have laid heavy into Palin at times and I’ve been on the receiving end of some strongly worded rebukes in return via email. The lesson here is that Palin has a STRONG following of powerful and excitable constituents and fans that form a large and coherent mass for any candidate.

Bottom line: ask yourself this, if Palin does not run in 2012, how far will the GOP candidates go to court her endorsement? Answer: to the moon and back.

Romney Emerges as Top Issues Play to His Strength

From the Wall Street Journal:

Most Republicans have just finished what might be called the spring of their discontent. Not much went right in the first half of the year; not much to cheer

But not Mitt Romney. For this unsuccessful 2008 Republican presidential contender, it is hard to imagine how events could be moving more decisively in his favor in 2009. One can almost hear him wondering: Why didn’t things break this way last year?

This, in some ways, is one of the more disappointing thoughts I have heard in awhile. Think about it: had Romney been elected, the current crises would have played directly into Romney’s strengths. Instead of having a novice deal with the economy, healthcare, and the budget, we could have had someone with experience and savvy helping the nation to navigate these difficult times.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad that Romney is gaining increased visibility and respect for his talents and insight. But it is a little disappointing that we must deal with someone who has no background or particular talent for dealing with the issues placed before him.

All the more reason to continue to work hard to get Romney elected next time.