Proposition 8: The Inside Scoop!

Frank Schubert has been involved in over 30 ballot initiatives in his lifetime but he’s never experienced anything like Proposition 8. Yesterday, I was asked to be part of a blogger conference call with Schubert who heads up the Yes on 8 movement.

Bottom line: This race is almost over. Tensions are high. Expectations are tempered but the general feeling is that Proposition 8 will prevail.

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The Infomercial Live Blog: Barack in Summary

Ultimately, I think the commercial won’t play as well as Barack might have liked. It sort of felt like I lived in Venezuela and the weekly Hugo Chavez TV show was on.

Barack Obama’s propaganda piece gave a very limited and unconvincing narrative. It is striking how much is lacking there when it comes to talking about accomplishments. So he was a state senator, so he asked Condoleeza Rice pointed questions. Good for him. I can cross-examine the crud out of anyone but that doesn’t make me Presidential material.

I wonder how comfortable the campaign is with the absolute elite position Barack holds. I have known my share of arrogant law review types and the idea of electing one as President is really scary. Not as troubling as the idea of electing a professor though. Having said that, those are real accomplishments. But the campaign wants Barack to be seen as average American. In this piece, they do that by featuring average American people.

But there is a disconnect there. In the end, we all hopefully know we are dealing with the most liberal member of the Senate and a guy who is no average American. He is a guy who is dubiously qualified to be President and has ideas about the economy and government that, rather than being tempered by perhaps business experience, have been radicalized by his education and associations.

The Infomercial: Division

There will never be a more divise President than Barack Obama. Bill Richardson is wrong about bipartisanship. Most politicians moderate when they get in office, but there is a huge doubt about a leader with this much audacity keeping his aspirations in line.

Barack promises everything. Barack can’t pay for anything though without hurting our economy further.

The Infomercial: National Security

Rebuild Military while Joe Biden is saying military funding will need to be cut? Empty rhetoric. Tougher sanctions to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons? Iran knows that Obama is never going to do anything about it. There is no deterrence there. On a related note, Barack is on record saying he would never use nuclear weapons against Al Qaeda, so, he has already ruined any deterrent value we may have had there.

The Infomercial: Heathcare

Why is Obama’s healthcare plan going to ruin our economy and healthcare system? Because it will charge a fee to businesses who don’t give health care. If the cost is low, businesses will dump employees into the government plan rather than pay for private healthcare for their employees. If the cost is too high, it will force employers to provide health insurance for employees whose work is not worth such expense. There is an incentive for businesses to employ as few people as possible to avoid the huge cost associated with each employee. This cost also gets immediately passed along to consumers.

It is a job killer.

The Infomercial: Education

Bush has led us down the federal takeover of education track. Obama just wants to further it. Early childhood development, more teachers, better pay, etc. with supposed greater accountability. Make no mistake, there will not be greater accountability when the teacher’s unions finally get their wish to gut the No Child Left Behind Act.

The Infomercial: The Reformer?

Barack as government program reformer? Why would anyone think that Barack has any clue how to reign in goverenment spending? Does anyone really think that he will be able to go line by line and be able to succesfully streamline government? Like, the Democrats in Congress and he are going to bring efficiency to Washington. Laugh heartily now at the notion.

Barack as Iraq spending reformer? I have an ideological difference between Obama on Iraq when he attacks our spending there. I think we have a moral duty to try and help them because we trashed their country. Barack wants to ditch them to fight amongst themselves.