Romney Eager to Run Again

I am in no way hoping that McCain fails so that Romney could have a clear shot at 2012, and there is one big reason for that: OBAMA. I would rather that Romney was never heard of again than to face an Obama presidency. He is so far to the left of anything we have ever seen, the Clintons included.

BUT, I am anxious and excited for a second run by Governor Romney, whether it be 2012 or 2016.

Here are some articles about the subject:
Romney Eager To Run Again, Advisers Say
Romney readies for White House run if McCain fails
Note that the second article is written by Glen Johnson who had a run-in with the Governor during the primary campaign. I’m not able to find a link on that in my short time.

Also of note:
Romney backers throw support to Palin

Lastly, I’ve got some final comments of the Palin poll in the left side bar. The purpose of the poll was to gauge how Romney supporters felt about the Palin selection but after reviewing my site’s traffic sources I’ve had a huge influx of new visitors who googled “Palin poll”. In fact they make a far majority of people who have voted and there is no reason to believe that they represent the Romney crowd. I’m inclined to believe that many of them are possibly liberals who are attempting to make the VP pick look as bad as possible.

~Nate Gunderson

Playing Twister with Vaseline

The shocking pick of Sarah Palin yesterday has sent the political world spinning wildly. The right is energized and the left is caught shorthanded flailing for anything that will stick.

In fact, McCain’s pick of Governer Palin has lathered the Presidential game of Twister with a nice coat of vaseline. Obama and Biden best be wary how they contort themselves here. In the words of comedian Brian Regan: “Right foot red… BROKEN! Left foot green… BROKEN.”

Let’s review the minefield that Team Obama/Biden must navigate with Palin on board.

  • Palin has more executive experience than Obama himself (having run a company, a PTO, a town and then Alaska).
    • WARNING: Bring up the experience issue at your own peril.
    • SAMPLE: “When Senator Obama started his first run for local office I was already a two-term mayor. If you simply count the years of experience, I win, frankly.”
  • Palin has more direct military experience than Obama and Biden combined having served as Commander of the Alaskan National Guard:
    • WARNING: Don’t fuss with military issues. Be cautious around foreign affairs.
    • SAMPLE: “Alaska has a shared border with Canada and shared Islands with Russia. Illinois and Deleware…mmm… not so much. I’ve actually commanded hundreds of military volunteers in person not just from a DC hearing room.”
  • Palin is pro-life in ways that other just aren’t. Namely, the pro-life decision she made was real.
    • WARNING: Don’t even bring up the word “abortion” around her
    • SAMPLE: “Since everybody’s worried about my experience I’d like to know how Senator Biden might react if he were in my shoes. Abortion isn’t just some idealogical issue for me… I’ve had the face the very real decision. So I ask you, Senator Biden, what would you do if your family faced a similar choice?”
  • Palin solidifies the so-con vote by demonstrating unquestionable social conservative values (it doesn’t hurt that she has 5 kids)
    • WARNING: Don’t come even close to using motherhood as a leverage against her qualificaitons
    • SAMPLE: “I believe I’ve given birth to 5-times as many children as Sentaors Obama and Biden combined.”
  • Palin taps into the Hillary vote giving a voice to mothers and women across the country when Obama wouldn’t even vet her.
    • WARNING: Don’t imply that the Palin pick was just a play to women or even remotely hint at chauvinistic overtones
    • SAMPLE: “Are you saying that women shouldn’t be excited about this opportunity? Are you saying that there isn’t a glass ceiling.
  • Palin was a former sportscaster and journalist
    • WARNING TO THE PRESS: She’s one of your own.
    • SAMPLE: “Hey George, like you, I’ve had a foot in politics and a foot in journalism. My timing was just opposite of yours. I realized that journalism is great and all but real change comes through sacrifice and service.”
  • Palin was a beauty pageant contestant so she could pay for school with the scholarship
    • WARNING TO NOW: Don’t diss her pagaent story until you actually hear it
    • SAMPLE: “I entered the beauty pagaent because sports scholarships for women in the 1980s were almost unheard of. So sue me.”
  • Palin is a lifetime member of the NRA and use to hunt elk
    • WARNING: Biden, avoid your terrible history on the 2nd right amendment .
    • SAMPLE: “Like Senator Obama, I agree with and I’m proud of the recent Supreme Court decision. I’ve been a hunter all my life. In fact when my parents found out about Senator McCain’s decision they were on a caribou hunting trip. I think my dad is like many people in this country as he follows this heated debate: he said: ‘I’d rather go moose hunting than be involved with politics.’ Sometimes, so would I.”
  • Palin fought corruption in an AK GOP party that was (and still is) full of it
    • WARNING: Careful around the “ethical” issues
    • SAMPLE: “Like Chicago politics, Alaska politics can sometimes get dirty. In my case I fought my own party tooth and nail for substantive change. I’ll let voters decide what Barack Obama did in Chicago.”
  • She’s a true outsider who’s likable, young, articulate, devout, down to earth.
    • WARNING: Don’t much about trying to stick the DC inexperience on her.
    • SAMPLE: “You know, some reporters were shocked and amazed that I have never appeared on any Sunday political talk shows. I think many Americans would accord that as a medal of honor.”

All of these items show serious head pounding variables that the Democrats and the liberal media must take into account. But were’ not done. Consider also:

  • Palin is a former union member, her spouse is still union member
  • She knows the energy and oil issues like the back of her hand (or her husband’s hand who actually worked on an oil rig)
  • Palin has actually BEEN to the Alaska Wildlife Reserves
  • Palin is a conservative environmentalist and outdoorsman who understands the issues well
  • Palin owns one home
  • Palin has left the MSM stammering to find information about her
  • Palin has left the Obama campaign stammering to find information about her
  • Palin can tell you what the price of milk is
  • Palin cut costs across the board in Alaska
  • Palin got rid of the “bridge to nowhere”
  • Palin has put Biden back in a box
  • The expectations game plays in her favor

Yes, she has a lot to prove on the national stage but she brings A LOT to the table that conservatives can get excited about.

Your thoughts?

Palin Poll Follow-Up

If you haven’t voted yet, do so on the left sidebar. (If you’re reading this at you need to click on the link above to actually come to to vote in the poll.)

I must say that I am quite surprised with the results of the poll so far. I know that a lot of Romney supporters were eager to have Romney on the ticket, but I didn’t realize it would be a deal-breaker for so many. Granted the sampling is not that large, but there already seems to be a pattern.

If the results were weighted +2 for ‘ecstatic’ to -2 for ‘Mac just lost my vote’, we would have a total of 41 positive points and 43 negative points for a net -2. (note: 60 total votes so far)

I believe (and hope) that most of those who have written off McCain because of his veep pick will come around. I think as we start seeing a lot more of Obama and his dangerous platforms that most will return.

Some post-primary polling in Utah comes to mind. I recall reports immediately after Romney dropped out of the primaries that showed McCain polling extremely low in Utah which was hugely supportive of Romney. The result in fact showed him just a fraction higher than Obama with most of the crowd in the ‘undecided’ category. Fortunately, primary bitterness has worn off in Utah and clearer heads are prevailing. The polls for Utah now show McCain up 62% to 23%, one of the largest pro-McCain gaps in the country.

Hopefully we’ll see some more of that as November nears.

~Nate Gunderson

Experience: Palin v. Obama

The notion being advanced by Obama‘s camp that Palin is less experienced than Obama is simply laughable and reeks of chauvinism. Time and time again, democrats have claimed to value women and now have the audacity to claim that she has less experience than him? She was raising kids when he was still trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Don’t democrats value that experience? Not to mention her political experience. She was a mayor, how’s that for “community organizing.” Finally, serving as governor of a state is 100 times more important than serving as a Senator. Between her and him, I would pick her to run my business or my country any day. The problem Obama has with Palin is that she “gets it.” She understands what life is about, has strong values, and will ultimately smash a ceiling that Obama denied Hillary Clinton the chance to. Palin is a fantastic selection and if that is the best he can do to try and dirty her up, bring it on Obama.

Palin Pick Poll Plus Personal Ponderings

mccain, palin

Please participate in the poll on the left sidebar to show what you think about Sarah Palin being selected as McCain’s VP.

Click here for “All you need to know about Sarah Palin”

I have a number of thoughts on Palin. After initial thoughts I have very quickly come to believe that this is a brilliant pick by team McCain. Here are some reasons why people will be willing to accept her as VP:


  • very conservative governor with all the right stances on issues
  • has an excellent record as a reformist
  • being from AK and wanting to drill in ANWR makes her a strong voice for energy independence, which will be a hot issue the election round
  • has a son in the military – and is a life-long member of the NRA
  • has five children including a very young son with Downs Syndrome, attractive to those with strong family values
  • frequently described as ‘very down to earth’ and not a Washington insider
  • last, and probably most important, she is not only acceptable to both parties of the Huckabee/Romney feud, but also to Hillary supporters thanks to the Clinton/Obama feud.

In short, she does no harm to the ticket, but in fact brings in other would-be fence-sitters had someone else been chosen.


  • relatively unknown
  • though able to fulfill the roll of VP, I’m not confident in her ability to step into the roll of Commander in Chief in a moments notice should the need arise
  • unsure of how she will hold up in debate versus Biden, though she does have the advantage of her being right and him being wrong
  • currently under investigation for alleged abuse of power for helping to get her ex-brother-in-law fired

I think the pros seriously out weigh the cons in this case. I do have one rambling thought I’d like to express concerning this pick. I can’t help thinking that her being a woman was a major factor in her being selected (brings in huge crowds of Hillary supporters). Being a woman is neither a qualification, nor a disqualification. Identity politics has won the day. If this is true it is akin to voting for (or against) Obama because he is black, or voting for Romney solely because he is Mormon. One’s identity is not a qualification! I think Romney and Pawlenty are better qualified, but Palin (my third pick) is the clearly the smarter pick if you want to win the election. Well I do want win the election because of the serious threat of an Obama presidency.

That said I feel that I can wholeheartedly support the Republican 2008 ticket of McCain/Palin.

BTW, I stole the image from where there is a big discussion going on about the pick. Kavon says “Best. Vice. Presidential. Pick. Ever.” Also of interest at is a post from Romney supporter Jason Bonham “Gov. Palin: Awesome Choice, But Still a Bet”

~Nate Gunderson

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