Coulter: Strongest candidate is Romney

I know that Ann Coulter is a controversial figure (whether or not she’s dropping three-letter “f” words). She’s sometimes shocking to the point of distaste, but she has unquestioned conservative credentials. It’s not just that she’s outspoken. She is a deep thinker and articulate in pushing conservative ideals. Naturally, she has joined the chorus of core conservative public intellectuals who see Romney as the best conservative candidate:

One clue that Romney is our strongest candidate is the fact that Democrats keep viciously attacking him while expressing their deep respect for Mike Huckabee and John McCain.

This point was already extensively covered in Chapter 1 of “How To Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)”: Never take advice from your political enemies.

The candidate Republicans should be clamoring for is the one liberals are feverishly denouncing. That is Mitt Romney by a landslide.

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2 Responses to Coulter: Strongest candidate is Romney

  1. Larry says:

    If the GOP has any hopes of keeping the White House, Mitt Romney is the one. With his family ties to Michigan, that is one blue state with a large amount of electoral votes that just may turn to red. Also, since he was the Governor of Massachusetts, a few New England states may come on board.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Steve says:

    How Can any conservative vote for Romney?

    He was listed as one of the top ten Republicans in Name Only by Human Events Magazine.

    What will he be after the primary?

    And would he be another George Bush if he gets elected?