Social Conservatives Unite

Now is the time. If you believe in a Constituional Amendment to preserve traditional marriage. If you believe in appointing judges who believe the Constitution is a document, not some living organism. If you believe groups trying to elect candidates who share our values should be allowed to spend our contributions on political ads. If you believe life should be protected. Now is the time to support Mitt Romney.

I want to speak particularly to any Mike Huckabee supporters who may be out there. A vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain. If you fracture the conservative vote, McCain will win by default.

Remember this is the guy who attacked members of the religious right as being agents of intolerance. That is what he does when you are against him. He believes that about religious groups that challenge him. That is why he liked McCain-Feingold. As previously stated here, this is the guy who has problems appointing conservative judges. You don’t want him as President.

While I’m at it, remember that just because McCain says he is the most electable, doesn’t mean he is. His predictions have proven false before:

“Unfortunately, Governor Bush is a Pat Robertson Republican who will lose to Al Gore.”

Mccain is not the most electable candidate.

Mccain is not the most electable candidate.
Reasons to agree

  1. The fact that McCain agrees with the democrats on immigration will not help him. The majority of Republicans and Democrats disagree with McCain (Washington) on that issue.
  2. One of the best arguments that we have against the democrats is that they don't have any executive experience. They have never run a corner store. Neither has McCain. Both are senators. So is McCain.
  3. The fact that McCain agrees with the democrats on campaign finance will not help him. Moderates don't jut want democrats and republicans to come together so they can smile for the cameras. They want republicans and democrats to work together to produce legislation that actually fixes the problems. The problem with McCain isn’t that he is too liberal, its that he is incompetent. Every bill that has his name on it, has done the exact opposite of what it promised it would do. McCain-Feingold had the exact opposite effect: there is more dirty money that is not transparent now than ever. You know how Bush coined the phrase, "compassionate conservative." I would love to have Romney use the words "competent conservative." Its not just about saying that you have compassion, or saying that you are a conservative, its about accomplishing something that is able to deliver compassion in a conservative manner. Any of this talk, I’m sorry to say, is many levels over McCain‘s head. All that matters to him is working with the other side, not actually fixing problems. That’s what happens when you look at the world from behind a committee, and that is why we don’t elect senators to be presidents.
  4. Mitt Romney was elected in Massachusetts, a far more liberal state than Arizona.
  5. Romney will come off a lot smarter in the debates against the democrats than John MCain ever could.
  6. McCain will come off a lot angrier than Hillary or Barak.
  7. McCain will not be able to instill confidence in the future as much as Hillary or Barak.
  8. McCain can not claim to be an agent of change, as much as Obama.
  9. Obama and Hillary are far more appealing to independents. We need a candidate who can unite the base.
  10. Romney is more likely to raise the type of money that he will need in the general election.
  11. It is not just that McCain agrees with the democrats on many issues, and so he is bad. The point is that the issues that he agrees with the democrats happen to be issues that the Republican Party is correct in apposing.
  12. Healthcare is the #1 democratic issue. Romney beats Hillary and Barak by accomplishing something significant that helps people in a conservative way. McCain has no healthcare plan.

Reasons to disagree

  1. Mccain can appeal to independents.
  2. Mccain agrees with the democrats on global warming.
  3. Mccain agrees with the democrats on closing Guantanamo.
  4. Mccain agrees with the democrats on water boarding.
  5. Mccain agrees with the democrats on immigration.
  6. Mccain agrees with the democrats on limiting freedom of speech.

Look No Further…

… for evidence that McCain is not a conservative than his endorsement today by Arnold Schwarzenegger (And yes, I know how to spell that last name without checking it).

I was part of the Arnold revolution in California. During the recall of our former Governor, Gray Davis, I actively participated. I placed many yard signs for him. I was at the rally in San Diego when he admitted to some bad behavior with women who say he groped them. I called into John and Ken on KFI 640 talk radio and actually said, on the air, “I would rather have Arnold for Governor than be groped for every dime I have by Gray Davis!” This was in spite of the fact that he was pro-civil unions and pro-choice. Simply put, he was a better alternative than what we had.

After Arnold’s election, I continued to be active. I even had an event with about 40 law students to promote his ballot initiatives for which he had called a special election for. But he lost those initiatives. And then, Arnold gave up the Republican party. He appointed Susan Kennedy as his Chief of Staff. In addition, he has continued to sign legislation that has expanded domestic partnerships in California. California is a gay marriage state for all intents and purposes, only minus the word married. He is also weak on illegal immigration (He may sound like he isn’t, but he is fundamentally, no different than McCain on letting people who are here have amnesty via a “special pathway.”) And as I mentioned yesterday, he is now proposing letting tens of thousand prisoners out early. And I have given up Arnold and gone instead with conservatism.

Arnold gave up conservatism in order to attract love from liberalism. Sound familiar? It should. There is a reason that Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani get along so well and its not because they are all Republicans. In California, the people who oppose Arnold are Republicans. If John McCain is President, it will be the same. John McCain has proven that by his positions now and his actions in the past.

One final lesson. When you elect a RINO, it moves the whole culture to the left. You need someone who believes in your values to preserve them. Elect Mitt Romney for conservatism.

The Crooked Talk Express

Not only is John McCain not practicing straight-talk, he is engaging in sheer, and perhaps even deranged hypocrisy!

Not only did he have the gall to accuse Mitt Romney of wanting to set timetables, he did so after having talked himself about setting benchmarks! One does not find the word “timetable” in this piece, but the intent is clear:

McCain said Thursday that he hadn’t yet decided on precise benchmarks. “They’d have to be specific, and they (Iraqi government officials) would have to meet them,” he said.

It is beyond me how benchmarks of any kind can be useful except by being associated with particular dates on a calendar, which would of course turn the list of benchmarks into a timetable!

The dishonesty practiced by this man is absolutely appalling!

Mike B.

Romney Stumps in Orange County

Field Operative Casey Huffmire sends in this report from the Romney rally at a furniture business in Fountain Valley, California:

“It was packed I was outside looking into the warehouse. It was a good stump speech. Most of it, of course, I’ve heard before, but the funniest part was when he talked about McCain during last night’s debate going off on a stream-of-consciousness ramble about punishing Wall Street and some town in Norway when asked about adjustable rate mortgages. Romney impliedly said he has no idea what McCain was talking about and then explicitly said he was sure McCain didn’t know how to address U.S. mortgage/financial problems. Overall, very good–it was crowded and people were enthusiastic and chanting along at appropriate times.”

Romney Supporters Gather in Burbank

Field Operative Vic Dennis was at Burbank Yesterday to greet Mitt and Ann Romney. Her is his report:

“As a result of a ‘heads up’ I and many other Romney supporters received, I took the opportunity to drive to Burbank to be there for the arrival of Governor Romney in California from Florida. I arrived just before noon and joined a group of at least 40 supporters, including elected officials, staff from Boston, and young people. I had the chance to talk briefly to Assemblymember Tony Strickland, who is a big Romney supporter. In fact, I saw him in Nevada making phone calls for hours on behalf of Governor Romney. We discussed our hope that the Governor would go on the offensive about John McCain’s voting record and liberal tendencies. Assemblyman Strickland told me he was going to the debate and expected a big night from Mitt.”

“Just after noon, the Governor’s plane arrived and through the lobby walked Governor Romney and Mrs. Romney. Though they must have been extremely tired following the cross-country flight, they took the time to pose for pictures, sign autographs, and speak briefly with supporters. I had the opportunity to shake hands with the Governor and wish him well on his debate appearance later in Simi Valley. Slowly, the two made their way to several awaiting vehicles that wisked them to Simi Valley.”

“One of the things that has struck me since I began volunteering for Governor Romney is the quality of the people associated with the campaign. Without exception, Romney staffers have been polite, appreciative, open and honest, and great people with whom to be associated. I think it speaks volumes about the candidate we support. It is also interesting to note that shortly after Governor Romney’s arrival, the planes carrying McCain and Rudy arrived. One Romney observer noted that no one was present to greet either one of these two.”

“The road to the nomination has many twists and turns ahead. The longer this process goes on the better it is for Governor Romney and those of us who want a conservative Republican nominee. I am looking forward to many future opportunities to meet the Governor on his road to the nomination.”

It CAN Be Done

I’ll admit it. In the aftermath of McCain’s Cheap Shot Florida victory I have lost a little of the enthusiasm with which I have approached this primary election season. While I respect McCain’s service to his country as a Navy pilot, congressman, and Senator, I don’t believe he’s the best man to sit in the Oval Office.

The debate last night proved that to me even more. I am not alone in this assessment. McCain did not admit he fabricated his “Romney wants to withdraw from Iraq” accusation out of whole cloth. In fact, he doubled down several times and ended up looking more and more like the grumpy old man who sits on his porch and screams at the neighbor kids “Get Off My Lawn!!”

The endorsements by Rudy and Aaahhhnooolld mean Mitt faces some serious headwinds in his run for the Oval. This is nothing new. Anybody who has followed this campaign for more than a few months understands that Mitt has been swimming in deep waters for a very long time.

Then I got an email – not a personal one, mind you, I’m not that big of a move or shaker – from Article VI’s John Schroeder. He reminded me that off the candidates on that stage at the Reagan Library last night, Mitt is the one who’s stance most resembles the Gipper. Students of history will remember that Reagan made a habit of swimming against the current and going against the conventional wisdom to accomplish what he knew was right – not necessarily what was popular. Reagan was, among other things, an eternal optimist who exuded confidence to the point that it literally rubbed off on those around him.

I have visited the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. It is quite the experience and one I would highly recommend. In that library there is an exact replica of Reagan’s Oval Office which includes his desk as it would have looked during his presidency. On his desk is found a red leather plaque with the following gold-lettered inscription:

It CAN Be Done

See for yourself:

There isn’t much I can do to make that picture sharper, but I bought a replica of that plaque which now sits in my office – well, my cubicle.

As you can see, my desk stuff is a bit different from that of the Gipper.

Reagan accomplished many things which most of the pontificating pundits of his day thought impossible and have since tried to attribute to other influences. The bottom line is, he made up his mind about what he wanted to do, and then he went and did it. He didn’t much care about the prognostications of the pontificating pundits or the whining of the liberal dominated Congress he had to deal with.

I see this same attitude of optimism and confidence in Mitt Romney. He’s gearing up for Super Tuesday and preparing to do battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. He’s not ready to throw in the towel and has decided to both Go Big and Go Long rather than going home.

I’m not ready to throw it in either.

It CAN Be Done!