Newt falls down trying to imitate Romney

So, what really happened with Newt 2008? Many pundits, here and elsewhere, divined his Newteness’ most recent statements as an indication that he would run after all. Then, with an obscure legal explanation, he puts the stops on. What’s really going on here?

The intrepid Byron York recites the more lengthy legal explanations behind Newt’s exit and notes:

The problem is that all that can be perfectly true and one can still ask why Gingrich did not know until Saturday morning that his going forward could involve possible violations of the campaign finance laws. Why go so far – creating a campaign website, securing pledges, taking a leave from Fox – without knowing the basic rules?

As the old maxim goes: “it is the first obligation of a statesman to get elected.” It appears that Newt & Co. just couldn’t figure out a legal way to get their message across and raise money at the same time. So instead… they folded.

Compare this to Mitt Romney, who set up the Commonwealth PAC, reaching into local state entities, raising money for local leaders, and taking the money leftover to pursue a run for the President — all of it through a legal, political vehicle. This took years of research, planning and preparation. And it worked.

Newt, for all his incredible ideas, is apparently handicapped when it comes to execution. Perhaps… his exit is all for the best.

South Carolina Craziness

No one expects the race in South Carolina to come out this way… but, what the hey… here it is from ARG:

(Last months in parenthesis)

* Mitt Romney 26% (+17)
* Rudy Giuliani 23% (-3)
* John McCain 15% (+3)
* Fred Thompson 10% (-11)
* Newt Gingrich 7% (+1)

Sample Size: 600 completed telephone interviews among a random sample of likely Republican primary voters living in South Carolina (524 Republicans and 76 independent voters).

Sample Dates: September 26-29, 2007

h/t Tommy O. from Race42008 who exclaims: “UUHHHHH…. If these are true, then I’ll eat my shorts and endorse Mitt Romney as the second coming of Moses…”

[OT] CIA Responds to “Legacy of Ashes”

This is a bit off topic (i.e. not directly related to Mitt) but its something that every candidate and every informed voter should look into.

I just finished Tim Weiner’s extensive history of the CIA entitled: “Legacy of Ashes.Hugh Hewitt has done a lot to promote this book and for good reason. First, its a great read that details some of the most interesting points of history surrounding the CIA. Second, it is an overwhelming indictment of the bungling craziness that pervades our intelligence agency even to this day.

Need more evidence? When was the last time the CIA actually issued a press release trying to refute a book? Why do they care? Because Weiner is supposed to be one of them… a New York Times writer who’s not a conservative.

Bottom line: the CIA needs work… lots of work.

Rudy analogizes self to adulterous woman…Hmmmm?

I find it interesting that Rudy would invoke the Bible in defending his personal life. It seems both oddly and blatantly opportunistic. Had it been Sam Brownback or Mike Huckabee it would seem natural, but for Rudy…it…well…let’s just say the shoe doesn’t fit.

For a more in depth take on the Rudy’s use of scripture, check out Nancy French’s treatment over at Evangelicals for Mitt.

Welcome to the New!

Boy I wish I got paid for this job! But alas… we get paid in other ways, in ways that really count. Like the countless emails, tips, insights and pleadings that we get from you our readers.

Then there are times when you overwhelm and surprise us. Like yesterday… when you helped raise over $4000 for the campaign just through this site. As a reward, we give you the new

Over the weekend we will be rolling out all of the new features of In our opinion, less is more. Blogs can get so busy sometimes with countless links to obscure indexes… we aimed to simplify things in a dramatic way. We have revamped our comments sections and focused our energy on bringing you the best information and interactive tools to help you help Mitt win this election.

Stay tuned! More to come soon.

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Ann Romney in Irvine…

I was at the Rally for Romney in Irvine, California, last night calling everyone I know to persuade them to give money to Mitt for his election campaign. Ann imitates the Mitt bobblehead dolls in this video. What was amazing is how many people were willing to donate something, without convincing because they have heard good things about him.

Vic Lundquist has a great write-up with photos at Elect Romney in 2008 (although he didn’t take a photo of me, so, I remain anonymous. Oh wait, Justin is adding photos to the new design. Darnet!).

Also, catch the NPR segment “Romney on the Road” taped in California.