Team Mitt Profile: Spencer Zwick

Team Romney, Spencer ZwickShira Toeplitz writes Friday in the National Journal an excellent article about Spencer Zwick, “Romney’s Moneyman” as she terms it:

As a former venture capitalist, Mitt Romney probably could have picked any number of corporate executives or money mavens as his campaign finance director. After all, the Massachusetts Republican got to know scores of CEOs when he ran the organizing committee for Salt Lake City’s Winter Olympics and when he was making millions at Bain Capital. Surprisingly, though, Romney selected 28-year-old aide Spencer J. Zwick to oversee his effort to raise as much as $100 million before the GOP presidential primaries.

I’ve met Spencer on several occasions since the campaign began. Not only is he a talented young guy… he’s also very approachable. Many pols are put off by us professional upstarts and bloggers. I know I’ve gotten the cold shoulder from many pundits in the past. Spencer, while always sapped for time, is never sapped for courtesy.

Shira continues:

One of Zwick’s talents, says one donor, is creating incentives for potential supporters based on their specific interests. For example, last week the campaign’s online grassroots fundraising program, MittLink, offered a test group of supporters tickets to the NCAA’s Final Four, to see who could raise the most MittLink points. Backers collect points by working the grassroots — getting others to sign up for Romney, raising money, and so on.

I mentioned this point earlier in the week. The business mantra of know your customer and cater to them is exactly what Team Romney understands so well.

In truth, these characteristics are almost par for the course with everyone you meet on Team Romney: innovation coupled with great personalities, vibrant energy and good manners.

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One Response to Team Mitt Profile: Spencer Zwick

  1. Joe M says:

    A friend of mine just had diner with Spencer the other night in Boston.

    Maybe I should get Spencer to help me with my new adventure,

    Go Mitt, Go!